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Provider Spotlight with Trupti Bajpai of the Trupti Dance school

We are thrilled to feature Trupti and her fun & exciting dance school “Trupti’s Dance School”.  A well known dance instructor in the Clarksburg community, Trupti is truly loved by her students and has been teaching Bollywood Fusion dance for the last 10 years. Trupti built her dance school solely by word of mouth and continues to attract students from as far as Germantown and neighboring towns each year. We sat down with her to find out what makes her school so unique.

What type of classes do you provide?

I teach Freestyle Bollywood which is a beautiful blend of freestyle modern dancing and classical Indian dance. My weekday classes are geared for kids, ages 3 ½ to 16 and weekend classes are held for adults. A typical session lasts for 3 months and usually we conclude with recitals and performances at local state and county events.

Can you tell us briefly about when you started and why dance?

I’m not a trained dancer but a self taught one. I discovered my love for dance when I choreographed for my son’s talent show in kindergarten, 15 years ago and upon request from other parents, I continued to teach dance and choreography after the show. What started off as a hobby turned into a passion for dance and since then I have never looked back!

Why do you think dance is important?

Through years teaching my kids, I see that kids learn to have patience, have fun, builds their confidence and teachers them not to give up!  Through years, you have kids who had stage fright and now they are confident and ambitious to perform.

Why do you think dance is important?

Dance is the ultimate art form that helps children develop physically, emotionally and socially, all while having fun! Over the years, I’ve seen my students develop confidence, patience and resilience while learning essential social skills of cooperation, teamwork and making friendships. Some of my students who struggled with anxiety and feared dancing in public are now confident and ambitious young dancers!

Why do kids love the dance? Why do parents love this for them?

I believe the biggest factor in determining a child’s love for dance or as a matter of fact, any other activity, is their teacher. I love dance and enjoy sharing my passion with my students. When we are in class, it feels like we are a family and not in a conventional class. Kids pick up on this love for dance and care greatly about their performances. Even when their parents decide to take a break or enroll them in other classical Indian dance schools, kids persuade their parents to bring them back to our school. It is hard work, but most importantly we have fun!

What is the most important piece of advice you have for parents?

“Give them exposure and let them choose” is what I truly believe in. As parents, we should give our kids the opportunity to discover their love for learning and guide them accordingly. However please do not push your child into learning an activity that they don’t enjoy as it is a waste of time and resources for the child, the parents and the teacher. The kids who take my classes come to me with a smile and thirst for learning and brighten not just their day but mine as well!

Any advice for other aspiring teachers?

My most important piece of advice is to never give up! Persistence & commitment pays off! Be motivated and put your heart and soul into teaching dance or any other activity even if its one student you have. Good reviews and word of mouth eventually will bring in more students. In the process, make sure you have loads of fun!

We welcome Trupti to our KeDazzle family as our activity management partner!  Our enriched platform will give her a chance to connect more with future/current customers, schedule everything with one click away, and make her customers more valued and happy - all in one place, just a click away!

To learn more about Trupti, please contact her at (202) 390- 3445 or mtruptibajpai@gmail.com

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