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How I Prepare for School...

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

A pre-planning guide for the not so lazy parent.

Parents, time to rejoice! As much as I bemoan the end of summer, as a busy working mom of 2 kids, I couldn’t be more glad that with summer officially done, we can now all go back to the safety of a set schedule!

Now don't get me wrong, once the euphoria settles down, going back to school will make you want to burst into tears over alarm clocks, homework, after school activities and all. Plus add to that the anxiety and stress of your little ones, who are trying to adjust into a new class, new teacher, new friends or maybe even a new school!

To make this transition easier, here’s what I found to be helpful guide.

Organize like you are preparing for war!

A few weeks before school starts, take a few hours to organize your child’s homework area, neatly packing away last years papers to help create space for the upcoming truckload! Also prep it with school supplies that they will need. You can also engage your children by having them help in organizing and decorating it their liking.

Create a schedule for every member of you family and display it in a common area such as the kitchen, for maximum airtime!

Starting a new routine can be overwhelming and frustrating for both the parents and children. Creating a visual schedule with daily activities is a must and make sure to review the calendar with your family. Think about adding wakeup time, after school activities, homework, dinner time and don't forget to add in time for yourself as well, such as workout time, dinner dates etc. This will help you tons of yawns and frustrated conversations in the first weeks back.

Time to stock up your kitchen and pantry with healthy food & on-the-go snacks!

As the official chauffeur, I guarantee you will be always on the move and its during these times, that you’ll find yourself and your little ones, tempted to grab a sugary snack that can lead to energy crash and needless pounds. Stock up on healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, cut up veggies (prepared the night before or purchased cut), cheese, bread, muffins. Teach your children on basic skills such as fixing a snack, a simple sandwich for starters, so they can help themselves and you as well!

Put on your counsellor’s hat!

Your child will have more meltdowns more often, becomes moody, or begins to act out. Heck, I did, when I was child too! So be empathetic! The best way that I learnt to deal with these meltdowns is to listen to your child and help them figure out on their own. A good book, that I loved reading is ‘How to talk so kids will listen, and how to listen so kids will talk’.

There are so many other great strategies that you can apply to have a stress free and a smooth school year. I’m interested in knowing what works for you! Please reply with your comments!

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