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My simple and fun last minute Halloween ideas

Alright, so believe it or not, Halloween is basically upon us.

I don’t know about you but Holiday procrastination is something I know all too well.  This year’s Halloween planning is no different and is happening last minute! I am not worried because I have a lot of ideas and a few hours under my belt to make sure my kids will have a fun!

This year I wanted to be creative and a little more frugal, so my kids and I created Halloween masks their year for them to wear rather than me going to the mall and purchasing another Halloween outfit that they will wear only one time.  While looking online, I found this and many other sites for busy parents of how to create last-minute Halloween costumes for kids and parents! It even has instructions and supplies you need to create it yourself. I am personally loving #9 - The Unicorn and thinking this might be the last minute outfit that my daughter and I will create as her final costume!


If you do decide to stay home this Halloween and hand out candy, I don’t blame you!!!  If you read my other blogs, I am the mom that loves avoiding crazy evenings with lots of screaming kids and especially if it’s cold and rainy outside!  While most parents stay home and want to give out the best treats on the block, the good news is that you can also consider passing a few alternatives then candy!  It’s cheap and fun for the kids before they fill their bellies with sugar!!!

Glow sticks! - Sticks and necklaces that glow in the dark are fun for the kids to play with and have an added bonus of offering the kids some additional safety by alerting drivers and other to their presence.

Coloring books, mini flashlights, stickers! - Have a local dollar store?  The dollar store can be a gold mine or party store for finding great Halloween themed items at an affordable price.  

Another fun one is Mask Craft, Glow in the Dark Slime, or Halloween Temporary Tattoos!  These fun treats without the sweets are great ideas to handout or for Halloween parties!

While many parents have never considered giving out alternatives to candy on Halloween, a growing number of parents are opting to give out a healthy snacks or non-food items to their trick-or-treaters.  If You’ve been on the fence, consider passing on the candy this year and trying something new. You may be pleasantly surprised how popular your house becomes.

Don’t get me wrong … I still love tasty treats as much as anyone else and possibly will have a few ( or more) pieces from their bowl but sometimes I like having a choice to provide healthier alternatives for our trick-or-treaters.  

After your done with your Halloween extravaganza, it’s time to enjoy your Halloween night with the ones you love. Make sure to take lots of pictures, and maybe pop in a family Halloween movie after trick-or-treating as a fun way to unwind.

Enjoy this wonderful holiday with your kids and please stay safe!

As always, Unleash Your Kids Interests!

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