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How I Made Our Halloween Less Stressful​​

I can’t believe I am saying this, but Halloween is just around the corner.  It only happens once a year, but Halloween is a fun time for the whole family. This is one of those holidays (wait, is Halloween actually classed as a holiday?) that a blended family can really sink their vampire teeth into and have a great time with.  If you’re a parent, chances are your kids are planning their costumes and looking forward to Trick-or-Treating. If you live in a neighborhood populated by dozens of kids, chances are you’ve already bought five pounds of candy for the kids who will come to your door.  I made sure to hide that candy from my children or I’ll be hearing daily begging to share some with them.

To us, Halloween is about carving pumpkins, decorating our house and picking out customers for my adorable children to wear.  Also, it can get a bit overwhelming - do I stay in neighborhood for the Trick-or-Treat run, go to the mall, go to the community event or just stay at home and give out candy?!!!! I have to say - we have tried it all and I came to realization that I want to make this Halloween hassle free for me and hoping for zero meltdowns from the kiddos!  Having rules is a must! Yes, this holiday is all about fun, but setting the rules before you leave the house can save you any headaches and pains in the butt!

For the first few years we have tried going to the mall and let me tell you - the idea was awesome but get ready for crowds, pushy parents, stores running out of candy and screaming kids!  On another thought, the PARKING NIGHTMARE!!! Don’t get me wrong, it was still fun and kids got the candy but the experience was exhausting! We got home late, kids were tired, anxious, hungry and the night ended with lots of crying and candy begging.  When I think back, malls sound like a fun idea, but remembering my daughter crying because she stood in line for 10 minutes to get candy and a store ran out of them made the trip NOT worth it. I do think mall idea is great for small children, but as they get older, enjoying Halloween in a certain neighborhood is a great opportunity to take your child for a walk after dark, and rare chance in modern society to a least briefly meet your neighbors.  

I think it’s lovely when you can go to your own or friends neighborhood to do Trick-or-Treat because I didn’t get a chance to enjoy when I was young, since we immigrated to United States when I was a teen.  We currently don’t know too many families in the neighborhood and Halloween was one of our few opportunities to interact with other families in the neighborhood and we actually met a few families with kids with whom we joined to Trick-or-Treat together.  

Another major change we made in our Halloween preparation are the costumes!!!  Yes, I bought the fancy ones with the popular characters, other ones from Costco and of course I had to have a costume for myself, so we can all match!  And every year the costume is donated because the kids grew out of them, they weren’t popular anymore or they got damaged by my son. I have come to realization that none of this is needed and kids will appreciate the holiday regardless how much money you spent on the holiday!  Our Halloween is simple now days and our family loves it! We either buy cheap or make our own Halloween masks and pick outfits that would fit the decorated mask we made. As my daughter wanted to be Unicorn dog - we got very creative making her mask, but the clothes came from her closet!

I know when kids get older, they will want more serious costumes but at this moment, I am enjoying the simple days when little crafts they make they love more than the store bought.

Most of all, remember what the holiday is all about!  Halloween is supposed to be fun! Some kids love the fun and spooky spectacle of this holiday (not to mention all the candy!), but others can get freaked out or overwhelmed with all the costumes, crowds and craziness.  It’s hard to know how much your child will be up for Halloween but you can try to anticipate any potential problems before then, so you can keep the day fun for everyone!

We hope this list will help your kids enjoy a safe night of Trick-or-Treating. How do you de-stress your Halloween?

As always, Unleash Your Kids Interests!

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