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Ah, the struggles of a modern parent

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

‘Your turn!’, I quipped while my husband quickly retorted ‘No remember, last time, it was my turn and now its yours’. No, it wasn't during a family game night, but on a Monday morning, while getting ready for work, when my beloved daughter got the sniffles and decided to have a fever just in time, for us to squabble over who’s turn it was to take care of her at home that day.

Sounds familiar? Well, this is a common scene not just in our household with two working parents, but for millions of families here in the US and worldwide. Not just the absence of reliable help to take care when our kids are sick, but the breakdown of a social support system to lean on, during demanding times at home and work, are missing for millions of us.

Where is my village? My extended family, networks of friends when we need them the most? Ah...well, they are in the same predicament as us, struggling to stay afloat with the rapid rhythm of modern life.

Add to these the myriad challenges that we face starting from the daily challenges of keeping them safe and healthy, managing work and kids schedules, while spending quality time, makes it that much harder to stay on course and have it all. On top of it all, managing overload of online information like I did this morning comparing what kids vitamins to purchase for 45 minutes and my Amazon shopping cart is still empty... This is the time I started to think, was it easier for my parents?

We live in a society that constantly portrays the message that fitting in is more important that being yourself. We try to shape our kids based on what we think they should be like and we don't embrace who they really are. It will be tough and exhausting as I have a son who has ADHD and it took me a while to embrace his personality rather then constantly blaming myself that he is not behaving as he is "supposed to". It was a tough road and through discussions with behavioral therapist, I have finally accepted who my son is, his wonderful personality and that I am good mom. Most importantly, I learned and still learning how to properly communicate with him with reasonable expectations for an appropriate behavior.

The truth is, no matter what happens in your busy life - if your child is acting out, your husband forgot to pick up your daughter from ballet practice (this deserves a blog discussion), or you just need a real break because the only vacation you get is when your child is sick - just remember that we ALL face issues as parents and that you are not alone!

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