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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Being a parent is hard. Being a great parent is nearly impossible. A lot of us live far from family and work long hours to build our careers and lifestyles with little help from our community. We are missing the comfort that comes with being part of a tribe; being able to share the responsibilities of raising children and knowing that others will stand behind you when you need it. We all want to belong to a greater community, but that takes time and energy that we often don't have.

KeDazzle wants to help reconnect the tribe and rebuild the village. 'We want to unite parents, schools, PTAs and activity providers in our area. We believe that finding activities for your child should be seamless and easy, but also that activity providers and PTAs should be a hub of communication and socialization for families. And KeDazzle will be the platform to accomplish this!

KeDazzle will provide an advanced search for kid activities in your area and allow easy registration, payment and sign- in/sign- out features. But that is not all! KeDazzle will also allow communication between vendors and parents, giving activity providers a chance to be more responsive to questions and provide information about ongoing classes, as well as communicate with parents about their kids’ progress. It will also allow parents to easily volunteer in schools, set up carpools and much much more!

We want to pool the amazing resources in our communities to unify families together in a way that truly reconnects the villages we are all so badly missing!

We are building a product that we ourselves want to use, and hope we join us for the ride. To find out more information, please sign up for our newsletter @ Kedazzle.com

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