Built by Parents with Love.  Crafted for Providers with Skill. 

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mission is to inspire

and nurture the love of learning

and transform everyday moments into a

lifetime of memories - one child, one activity at a time.


About Us

Ever found yourself panicking when you just realized that your child has nowhere to go after school?  Or winter break is coming up and you have to work, what do I do when all school activities are fully booked?  You relay your trust on organized carpool, neighbor or partner to pick up your child and you have no idea if your child is picked up or not, until you get that awaited text (that frankly, sometimes you won’t even get and you have to text a million times like crazy just to confirm).


It happened to my family in the fall right before the school year, when we missed class registration, by just a few days and were panicking for an alternative.  Luckily we managed to find a good aftercare program for our kids but not without it leaving an impression on me that parents do not have easy access to online tools which can give them access to all amazing local classes for their children. 

Sharing stories like mine, you start to hear other parents struggles with extracurricular activities.  When Tatyana trusted her friend to pick up her son and couldn’t trace his whereabouts - you can imagine the worry a parent must feel.  No matter what struggles we have to go through and as technology keeps improving, us parents can agree that the stale (current) after school program industry is not working and is making it difficult for parents and challenging for providers.

These struggles are what launched KeDazzle as we knew we could do better!  I wanted to create a tool where providers can fade away from manual payments, message with parents directly, one software to power their registration process and most importantly safety!   I want parents to use one tool to book online classes, give them the power to pick classes and manage their schedule with the whole family…. What’s more great about our tool, you can feel safe when your child is dropped and picked up because you will be notified.  

We at KeDazzle are parents that support and motivate each other.  We want to unite parents, schools, PTAs and activity providers in your area and build a strong community that helps to empower our children with the latest technology.


We are building a product that we ourselves want to use, and hope we join us for the ride. To find out more information, please visit Kedazzle.com.